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25h Aeriel Yoga 
Teacher Training 

Our next dates for 2024 will soon be published! Sign up for more info

Increase your Yoga Teaching options and portfolio in 3 days!

  • Do you want to elevate your teaching skills and stand out as a versatile instructor?

  • Do you seek to expand your teaching repertoire with an exciting and unique dimension?

  • Do you dream of crafting mesmerizing sequences,  that captivate and engage your students?

  • Are safety and security a top priority for you when guiding students through their practice?

  • Are you ready to deepen your understanding of the mind-body connection in a thrilling new way?

  • Do you desire help you students to conquer their fears, step out of their comfort zone, and emerge with a newfound confidence?

  • Would you like to earn a globally recognized Aerial Yoga Teacher certification that opens doors worldwide?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then our Aerial Yoga Teacher's Training is the perfect opportunity for you. Join us and reach new heights in your yoga career!

more about you.​


Meet Your Guide and Mentor

Florie Astruc

I am a certified Hatha Yoga teacher since 2015, I embarked on my aerial journey in 2016 through comprehensive Aerial Training in Berlin.Having shared the essence of aerial yoga across Switzerland with more than 1000 hours of flight tought in numerous studios, I am now thrilled to share my expertise through this exclusive 25-hour teacher's training program.​

  • Here is more about me:

  • 200H RYS Hatha Yoga Certified

  • 60H Advanced Yin Yoga Certified

  • 30H Aerial Yoga Certified

  • SUP Yoga Teacher

  • > 1000H of Aerial Yoga teaching in whole Switzerland

  • Passionate about the well being and safety of my students

  • Speak 4 languages fluently

  • Started a corporate career after a Business Administration Master's before to become a successful multi-entrepreneur

  • Addicted to Vegan coconut ice cream ;)

The Program

Unveiling the Aerial Journey

Aerial Yoga offers a unique blend of challenge and playfulness, allowing you to explore yoga from a whole new angle. With Florie Astruc as your guide, this immersive 25-hour training delves into the intricacies of aerial practice, equipping you with the knowledge, experience, and tools to soar in this transformative field.

Key Highlights

Getting Started: Equipment and Safety

  • Learn to source and install aerial silk confidently.

  • Understand studio and building requirements for a safe practice space.

  • Grasp insurance and liability essentials for your aerial classes.

Exploring Asanas Categories

  • Warm-up techniques tailored for aerial practice.

  • Enhance flexibility and strength with specialized poses.

  • Master inverted postures, acrobatics, and restorative poses.

  • Embrace the unique challenge of Partner Aerial Yoga.

Anatomy, Benefits, and Injuries

  • Deepen your understanding of anatomical considerations in aerial practice.

  • Uncover the physiological, mental, and emotional benefits of aerial yoga.

  • Navigate common side effects and learn how to address them.

  • Analyze risks and injury prevention strategies.

Teaching Methodology

  • Craft engaging aerial yoga classes with expert guidance.

  • Develop creative and informed sequencing for captivating sessions.

  • Hone verbal cues and effective adjustments for student support.

  • Elevate your teaching with fluid flows and harmonious music.

  • Open to anyone with a movement education (200hrs yoga TTC, Pilates or fitness instructors...)

  • Affinity with the practice, willingness to learn and readiness to have fun : )

  • Good physical condition and body awareness* - be prepared to be challenged!

  • Open-mindedness and curiosity to navigate new knowledge and experiences, receive feedback, and show up with self-enquiry and empathy to others. Together we grow stronger!

  • English proficiency - all classes & materials will be in English​

* Please note that for medical reasons, the training is not suitable for pregnant participants.

Embark on the Flight of Transformation

Aerial Yoga transcends the boundaries of gravity, enabling you to rediscover the exhilaration of flying. It rekindles the fearless spirit of childhood exploration, while also challenging you to confront heights and release fears. Through this practice, you'll find a newfound confidence that resonates in every aspect of your life.



To complete your certification, attendance to the whole training is required. You will also need to pass a written exam & a practical exam on Sunday. Upon completion, you will receive an Aerial Yoga Teacher certification, allowing you to share the practice with others!

Note that as a registered Yoga Alliance YACEP course, this training can be accounted for your Yoga Alliance Continuing Education hours.

Info & Prices

Dates: Soon to be announced for 2024
Time: 08:30-18:00
Price: Standard price CHF 770.-
Location: Marroco!




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