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My name is Florie, I come from the South of France and since 2016 I have organized more events that I can count in Zürich, guided hundreds of people into wine tours or kite surf and yoga retreats. I am always ready for a new challenge!

I am passionate and dedicated about everything I do. My enthusiasm for wine came from my dad’s side of the family. Who produce vines since 3 generations in South of France. Believe me or not but the love for food or as we call “les arts de la table” in French came from my mom’s side. Who are caterers… also since 3 generations…
It looks today that I had my path already made up for me but… it took me some years to go back to those roots.

I studied economy at university and worked few years in the corporate world to soon realize my calling was elsewhere. Florie’s Stories grew organically, from a wine club between friends to today’s event management agency.

I love to share and communicate my passion for wine thanks to our wine academy and wine tour programs.

I decided to start a wine education with a WSET 3 and a Master Level Wine of South of France. I am now an official certification provider for Sud de France. Another big passion, that I love to share is Yoga. My yoga journey started as I arrived in Switzerland more than a decade ago. It brought a lot in my life, helped me dare to open my company and broaden my horizons. Yoga is a lifestyle, anchored in centuries of traditions, which values help me balance my life and make me a better person. I love to see how it impacts people. Today I am a 500H Atha Yoga, 60H Yin Yoga, Aerial Yoga and SUP Yoga certified teacher and my passion is to give back this knowledge during classes, events or retreats in selected areas of the world!

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Islands or Caribbean beaches 



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