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Aerial Yoga

This practice will allow to you open your horizons,  change your world perspective by literally put it upside down but also stretch your body and relax your mind. Achieve challenging postures easily thanks to the beautiful silks. What are you waiting for?


Regular Classes in Zurich 

Discover our regular classes and workshops!

Aerial Yoga is a wonderful activity to practice in a group, it will allow you to strengthen your body, practice inversions in a fun way and also experiment some cool acrobatics!


Become an Aerial

Yoga Teacher

Led by Florie Astruc, this 25hrs Training aims at giving certified yoga teachers the knowledge, experience and tools to expand their teachings to the world of aerial yoga.

You will learn the basic knowledge required to start your flying practice, safety requirements and anatomic features specific to this type of yoga.

From learning all about the equipment, to digging into poses and sequencing, you will be provided with a tool-kit allowing you to develop your own flows and sequences, offering challenging, fun and safe classes to your future students.

Florie's Stories Yoga Aerial Yoga teacher's training
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